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We already saw the departure of pending UFA Vlad Namestnikov earlier this season and with eight more pending free agents on the roster, the team will look significantly different come this next offseason.

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Talks of Kreider, DeAngelo and Strome are being thrown around as potential big fish trade chips, but the one unspoken pending RFA may fetch a large haul. Off to a solid start to this season, the young Bulgarian netminder is holding his own with decent numbers. Due to the split starts he is receiving with Henrik Lundqvist, the numbers may not tell the entire story. The smaller sample sizes compared to the other goalies in the league may skew these numbers in a negative light.

Georgiev has started six games this season and played a total of seven. Despite losses to the Devils 4 goals against and the Senators 6 goals against , Georgiev has been able to stop the bleeding in his other starts this season by only posting a GAA of 1.

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  • That being said, Georgiev is holding his own even with one of the worst defensive teams skating in front of him. Starting three games in a row against Tampa Bay, Nashville and Ottawa and coming out of that is promising. This shows that he can handle that type of workload to potential suitors in need of a new high-caliber goalie.

    Not to mention that the loss in that cluster of games, was due to his team practically falling apart right in front of his eyes against the physical and desperate Senators team. It will be crucial for Alex to get even more back to back starts to get into a rhythm and showcase his talents between the pipes. Georgiev is currently 23 years old 24 in February and will be entering his prime playing years in the NHL so why even think of trading him? Unfortunately for him this is starting to look like the only option going forward. The likelihood that he will be gone is slim to none.

    Remember, he was given the opportunity to be traded before the rebuild but Hank stood strong with the team that drafted him and decided to stick with them through thick and thin. Therefore, with that option out the window, that leaves only one spot open on the roster for a goalie.

    Correction : Georgiev will be eligible after this season for arbitration. Thank you readers for bringing this to my attention.

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    • Georgiev now sees his contract up after this season and he is not arbitration eligible. Yes, the dynamic duo did end up signing before the season started, but that may not be the case for the Georgiev because there is a goalie waiting in the wings, ready to take the crown away from Hank.

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      Igor Shesterkin currently resides in Hartford sporting a dazzling 1. The Czar understood the situation coming out of the pre-season and embraced it fully. Knowing that there was no room for him on the big club he went into the AHL to continue to prove his worth going forward. If the numbers he is putting up right now are sustained throughout his first season in North America, there is no reason to keep him down for another AHL stint.

      The biggest selling point may be the fact that he will command less than one million dollars against the cap for next year.

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      Although Georgiev does make K less than the Czar this season, we could see a spike in his desired pay come July 1st. This may result in the Rangers deciding to part ways with the young goalie to make room for Igor, therefore losing him for nothing. Instead, the smart move here would be to trade him away earlier and maximize on his solid season.

      The unfortunate truth is trading Georgiev at the deadline will most likely be the best and only option for everyone going forward. Along with Kreider, Strome, Fast and DeAngelo, adding Georgiev into the mix will result in a huge haul once again for the rebuilding team. Georgiev has been a solid goaltender for the Rangers and a steal of a signing but it seems that his fate is sealed.

      With Hank not going anywhere and Igor within striking distance of the backup role, Georgiev is the odd man out. Fortunately, due to his age, the numbers he has put up and the fact that he will still be an RFA following this season, the Rangers will likely receive a decent package for the goalie.

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      Maggie Durand was removed from the band shortly after completion. The Unspoken King was controversial for its deathcore sound, a huge departure from the technical death metal style the band had become known for over the previous decade. Because of this, the album garnered mixed but mostly negative reception from longtime fans.

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      The album was originally to be called The Book of Suffering , and was to be a double album , [4] but on April 23, , Cryptopsy announced that lead vocalist Lord Worm had been fired from the band and they were looking for a new vocalist. With these additions, the band's style incorporated more melodic elements and breakdowns thus leading to a drastic sound change in the band. The then-new vocalist McGachy stated that he had trouble sleeping during the recording sessions of the album; "I would stay up lying in bed, rethinking all of the parts I had tracked, and was wondering if I was actually good enough to be in this band [ Although The Unspoken King still carries their usual death metal sound, the shift in their style has been defined by the incorporation of metalcore elements such as breakdowns, clean singing vocals and keyboard accompaniments, as well as less of an emphasis on the time signature changes and polyrhythmic elements which thus lead to The Unspoken King to be widely considered a deathcore album.

      Despite fan outcry against the deathcore style of the album, The Unspoken King did however ultimately receive mixed reviews from critics with much of the positive remarks being awarded to Flo Mounier 's drum performance. It is literally like listening to a deathcore band trying and failing to replicate Whisper Supremacy ," [13] while Metal Storm claimed that "the album shows flashes of the greatness that is mainly through Flo's [drumming] and the slight progressive touch that was also hinted on in the band's last album.

      Canadian review site Grayowl Point was very critical of the album, accusing the band of abandoning technicality in favor for a more brutal sound.