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I think in a way that's a normal kind of survival mechanism.

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You know, just shake it off, say one way or another, and get on with your life. Everyone can relate to that and I think that's the beauty of it. The song was included on the US and Canadian versions of the band's first hits compilation, The Best of Blondie , as it was released as a single there, but not on the international releases.

Blondie released a manipulated live version of the song with the audience noise removed as the theme for the US television series Snoops. This version was released in the US as a bonus track on the Live live album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see One Way or Another disambiguation. Punk rock [1] new wave [2] power pop [3].

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Debbie Harry Nigel Harrison. November Are We Not New Wave? University of Michigan Press.

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Deborah Harry: Platinum Blonde. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved March 24, Retrieved July 13, Archived from the original on October 25, In short, DNA is like a book, it needs to be opened to be read! Helicases have the task of opening this "book". Through this work, the researchers have shown that helicases succeed in carrying out their task more easily, and therefore quickly, working on one of the two strands with respect to the other.

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They explained that the reason lies in the sequence composition of the DNA section. As we know, DNA has four nitrogenous bases, which constitute the alphabet that is used to write our genome.

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When there are "hindered" bases like adenine and guanine on the strand opposite to that on which the helicase moves, they bump against the helicase and make the process slower. If, on the contrary, there are "small" bases, like cytosine and thymine, the opening process is faster. The scientists infer that this could mean that the genome has yet-another way, which has not been considered until now, of regulating the flow of information: indeed, the genetic information connected with the direction in which the helicase proceeds more slowly will be read less frequently - with possible consequences on the gene expression.

The research was initially conducted with computer simulations.

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  7. The predictions obtained in this manner were then confirmed by experiments. First theory and then experiment "We know that the difficulty in unwinding a double strand of DNA or RNA depends on the strength which binds the two, but that the same double helix was easier to unwind in one direction rather than the other has been a real surprise. We have come to propose this hypothesis through computer simulations and subsequently designed real lab experiments that could prove or disprove the hypothesis. Eventually, the lab experiments proved that the hypothesis was correct".

    Thanks to fluorescent tracers, the researchers observed that in the experiment the double helix is processed more easily in one direction rather than the other". In short, there is one strand and one preferential direction for unwinding DNA according to the message written in it. Scientifically, this is very interesting". Since the helicase opens the double helix moving on a strand separating it from the opposite one, "we have hypothesised and verified that the speed of this process depends on the composition of the bases of the latter".

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    If there are many bumpy bases, like guanine and adenine, then the helicase will have a more complex task and proceed more slowly. And vice versa. The implications of the discovery This discovery bears different points of interest. The first, as we said, is connected with the approach that brings together computer simulations and lab experiments in a combination that leads us straight to the frontiers of science.

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    The second is of a more general nature: "The regulation of all the activities in which DNA is involved is one of the most interesting and crucial issues of biology, in which much more still needs to be discovered. With this study we put forward a hypothesis that has not been considered so far: namely, that the various types of regulation already known are joined by another which relates specifically to the preferential direction in which a double strand is read, based on the ease of being unwound.

    There is an additional, more speculative consideration, based on the observation that DNA unwinds in a different way to RNA. Instead, for RNA, the helicases found in nature follow mostly one-way roads. The hypothesis of the scientists is that the double helix of RNA has some sort of geometrical asymmetry different to DNA that, throughout evolution, has dictated the one-way direction of RNA helicases. It can therefore be speculated that evolution has selected the helicases that processes RNA in the direction in which it is easy to travel.